Carp Fishing in France
New Redmill Rules

The use of baitboats is allowed however you must respect the safety of the fish and respect other anglers at all times. If bait boats are miss used they will not be permitted for the remainder of your stay.

We are here to make sure your week is enjoyable and you catch some fantastic fish so please ASK QUESTIONS.


Le Monument Lake Rules

The fish are in immaculate condition and the rules are there to make sure they stay that way. The high quality anglers visiting the venue mean the rules can be kept to a minimum.

  • Maximum of 4 anglers individual or 5 anglers on exclusive bookings during any week on carp lake
  • Maximum of 2 anglers individual or 3 anglers on exclusive bookings on the cat lake
  • Sensible use of bait boats is allowed
  • 3 rods maximum
  • No braided main line (except on markers or spods)
  • Minimum of 15lb breaking strain line
  • No leadcore or leaders. Rig tubing only to be used.
  • No curved longshank hooks
  • Barbed hooks only
  • No nuts or shelf-life boilies

For the weighing of fish please use recovery slings or carp weigh sling.

When transferring fish into the weigh sling ensure there is a cradle or mat under the fish at all times

For photography of fish captures, always kneel to hold the fish which should be done only over the carp mat or cradle - never stand up holding the fish.

If the fish flaps whilst holding it, simply bring the fish into your body then place back on to the mat or cradle,

Wet the fish up from the bucket, and start again.

All fish should be returned to the lake using the recovery sling.

Our fish are in wonderful condition and we mean to keep it this way, so following these steps will avoid any damage to these quality fish.