Carp Fishing in France
New Redmill Lake News

This winter we have stocked the small lake with over 100 cat fish to 80lb. It will be very interesting to see how the new lake goes. For any bookigs for the catfish lake please contact us

The Lake

Le Monument Lake

Le Monument is a picturesque mature 5 acre lake excavated in the 1970s as a recreational retreat. The depth ranges from 2' to 12', and because it's fed from underground springs the water level drops very little in even the driest summers.

There is a long island running down the center that can be fished from all the swims, it effectively splits the lake into 2 giving anglers privacy with many overhanging trees and bushes to fish too.

One of the main features of carp lake is the 2 large boulders in the lake. These add great character to the lake and act as prominent markers.

There are also some weed beds and areas of lily pads that are a holding area for carp.

There are 7 swims on the carp lake each with its own features so plenty of room for a small group to move around.

The Small lake at 2 acres has recently been stocked with a large head of catfish. Depths range from 3ft to 10ft. Although surrounded by trees there are very few snags for these hard fighting fish to snag you.

Bait boats are permitted on both the lakes as long as they are used sensibly.